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    Interview Tips

    Interviewing is often the most dreaded part of finding a job. Countless things can help or hurt the interview. These interviewing tips will open the door to success in finding a new job.

    Step 1: Get ready to Start Interviewing

    Some interviewing tips are needed before starting the interview process. Make sure the voicemail that potential employers reach when scheduling interviews is professional, and that it does not include music or children. Shop for appropriate clothing and play around with hairstyles and make-up. Purchase a neat looking folio to carry resume copies and notes to interviews.

    Step 2: Mental Preparation for an Interview

    First, study the resume that was submitted. Questions will be asked regarding its contents and the interviewee will need to answer them quickly and meaningfully. Applicants should research the company fully including size, mission, successes, and culture. Practice answering common interview questions and make a list of questions for the interviewer.

    Step 3: Physical Preparation for an Interview

    Drive to the location a day or so prior to the interview at the same time to not only find the location, but also avoid potential traffic issues. Dress appropriately and ensure that jewelry, makeup, and hair are not distracting. Tight fitting, short, or revealing clothing has no place in an interview. Avoid using any products with a strong smell to circumvent turning off a potential employer. Smokers should carry breath mints and a small can of fabric refresher in the car.

    Step 4: Appropriate Interview Actions

    Some interview tips include making eye contact with the interviewer and being mindful of negative body language such as crossing arms. Listen attentively to the questions asked to ensure that the proper responses are given. Ask for clarification before answering inappropriately. Always take notes during the conversation so that remembering everything is not necessary.

    Step 5: Fielding Difficult or Illegal Questions

    Many questions are not comfortable to answer such as those relating to long-term goals and salary. Other questions regarding children, religion, disability, and age violate discrimination laws. Some interview tips can help with this difficult situation. Remain calm and ask how it relates to the job. Then the interviewer’s concerns such as availability and moral concerns can be answered tactfully.

    Step 6: Ending the Interview

    Before leaving, make sure all important questions have been answered while still being mindful of time. Restate interest in the position and the company. Finally, ask for business cards of company contacts and clarify post-interview steps. A common misconception is that the interview ends in the office. Human resource consultants give interview tips such as sending follow-up letters which state interest in the position and highlight important accomplishments.

    Proper preparation before an interview can make or break a great opportunity. Appropriate behavior during the interview enhances qualifications and builds a relationship. The most important thing to remember is exude confidence and a willingness to provide what the company needs.