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    How to Get a Summer Job

    Many teens and college students want to work for the summer to earn some cash and gain work experience. Many do not know how to get a summer job, as it is a new experience. If these steps are taken, the process will go much more smoothly.

    Step 1: Discover the Skill Set

    Before looking for a job, it is necessary for the person to know their strengths and traits. Strengths include such things as a strong subject in school, having a sharp memory or the ability to care for children. Traits include a friendly personality and willingness to help others. Parents and friends usually are a great help in compiling a list.

    Step 2: Create a Resume

    A resume is a document that lists work experience, education, and achievements. Even if the applicant has never worked, volunteer work or affiliations with organizations can be listed. Applications that have a resume attached will stand out and have a better chance of providing an interview opportunity.

    Step 3: Consider Job Types

    In figuring out how to get a summer job, it is important for the job seeker to know what jobs fit their abilities. Look around the community and notice what types of jobs young people have. Think about what other jobs might also be a possibility. Take the skills and qualities list and compare it to the job list. Succeeding at the job will provide a sense of fulfillment rather than dread at the thought of going to work.

    Step 4: Find Job Opportunities and Apply

    The most important step in how to find a summer job is finding available jobs. Obviously, looking at want ads and online job postings, as well as looking for help wanted signs in windows, is common. Friends and family are also a great resource. Adult family members may know of part time summer opportunities at their place of business. Friends may be aware of openings where they work. Also, think about businesses frequented. Chain stores often have application kiosks as they are constantly hiring.

    Step 5: Apply for Positions

    Apply for positions of interest and provide a resume. Carry information that might be needed such as social security number and references in case an application must be completed on site. Use the best handwriting possible and be cognizant of grammar and spelling.

    Step 6: Go to the Interview

    To prepare for an interview, find out about the company and duties of the job. Lists of common interview questions can be found online. Practice answering them. When going to an interview dress nicely, but conservative. When experts are asked how to find a summer job, they also say not to wear a lot of makeup or perfume. Make sure to reference any connections you have with the company in the interview. Most importantly, portray a positive attitude!

    Learning about these steps more in depth is the best way to discover how to find a summer job. Remember that a good attitude and perseverance are vital. After getting the job, work as hard as possible to create good references for the future.