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    How to Get a Job on a Cruise Line

    Many job seekers are looking for an exciting career that brings many rewards, as well as a lot of fun. Working for a cruise line may be the perfect job for individuals like this. Many different types of jobs are available from technology to customer service, as well as the many jobs available on the ship itself. With up to 1,500 jobs per ship, there are many opportunities available. When researching how to get a job on a cruise line, the following tips may be helpful.

    Step 1: Research Available Positions

    Office based jobs allow employees to work in a traditional job such as marketing, customer service, or IT with their feet planted firmly on the ground. However, some people may wish to work on the ship itself. Deck and maintenance workers keep the ship in working order as well operating it. In fact, some individuals wonder how to get a job on a cruise line because they are highly sociable. Entertainment positions include staff that handles excursions and onboard activities, as well as the casino and traditional entertainer positions. It is also possible to work in the restaurants, or take care of the personal care needs of passengers. Research the actual duties as they may be different than a similar job on land.

    Step 2: Prepare Your Resume

    When preparing a resume, it is important to keep the ultimate goal in mind. Because the main concern is how to get a job on a cruise line, everything on the resume should be to that end. Perhaps nothing in the actual work related references pertain directly to a job in the cruise industry, but there may be tasks in previous positions which can be highlighted to emphasize foreign language skills, customer service experience and/or clerical skills. Any skills that would make this resume stand out among all others should be included. Also, a cover letter is very important. It is a short introduction that makes the person doing the hiring want to meet this particular applicant. If the letter doesn’t grab the interviewer’s attention, chances are the resume will be passed over without a summary glance.

    Step 3: Contact a Recruiter

    Most employment inquiries made to a cruise line are processed thorough a recruitment agency, so it is preferable to go directly to them. When discovering how to get a job on a cruise line, it is possible to find recruiters through job posting websites, or by doing a web search for cruise jobs. However, be careful of scams. Many companies offer to provide inside information for a fee, and it is wise to avoid them. The recruiting agency will send forms to be filled out, which often may be scanned and emailed back, or sent by USPS mail. Even if a resume was already uploaded to the recruitment site if the posting was located online, send another copy along with the cover letter and completed forms.

    Step 4: Prepare for the Interview

    Learn about the cruise line and the cruising industry. Questions will be asked during the interview, many of which may be directly related to the industry. If applying for an on board position, be prepared to answer questions about the ability to obtain visas to foreign countries. Candidates may be asked whether or not they will be able to remain away from home for extended periods of time. Be prepared to answer this as honestly, but as positively as possible. This is when researching how to get a job on a cruise line will take considerable thought. Ships are on the water, and once they embark, employees are expected to stay the course.

    It is projected that over 25,000 new cruise line jobs will become available in the next few years. Working for a cruise line allows interested individuals to work with people from all over the world, travel, and earn a great salary. Whether seeking career advancement, summer employment, or a means to travel the world, this industry may provide the perfect job.