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    How to Get a Job in Television

    Almost everyone dreams of having a job in television at one time or another, but for some it is more than a dream, it is an aspiration. For those people there may be quite a lot of leg work that will need to be done before a job in television can be secured. The following tips will provide some basic information on how to get a job in television.

    Step 1: Area of Interest

    The first step in getting a job in television is deciding exactly what type of job is desired. Whether it is acting on a television series, anchoring for a news station, or even working behind the scenes, it is essential to focus on what it is that interests you. There are multiple forms of television work so the area one chooses will more than likely depend on their education and training. Many things should be considered when learning how to get a job in television, but above all, the first thing to do is set a goal regarding type of job you are looking for.

    Step 2: Do Your Homework

    Before applying for a job in any type of television, it is smart to research the required qualifications for that position. If a person does not have the proper training for that particular position, they may want to rethink the decision to apply until they have obtained the necessary qualifications. Perhaps they can begin in another area of television that they are better suited for, and work their way up. It is always best to know exactly what a job description consists of, and what a company is looking for, prior to walking into an interview. The more knowledgeable you are about the station or network being applied to, the greater your chances are for success.

    Step 3: A Resume for a Job in Television

    Most jobs in professional industries such as television will require a resume. Many times they will not even speak to individuals until they have that resume in hand. This would require the resumes be mailed, e-mailed, or faxed. For this reason the resume must be attractive. A professional, properly formatted resume is almost as important as any of the personal accomplishments a person has had, because it is the very first thing a prospective employer will see. If the job a person is seeking is in make-up, for example, they would want to add all of their credentials in the make-up industry including all of their educational information as well as past experience. Also it is vital that the resume list the specific job a person is seeking.

    Step 4: Social Networking

    It is true that the people an individual knows can have a lot of bearing on the doors that will open for them. With that said, anyone who is looking to get a job in television would be wise to gain as much exposure to television personalities and executives as possible. If at all possible, attending parties and social events that these people will be present at, is a great way to meet TV contacts. Sometimes if a person makes a good enough impression, someone they have met at a social event may think of them at a later date when a position does open, and perhaps they may even recommend them. The more people a person is able to come in contact with in their field of interest the better their chance of success.

    Working in television can be a very rewarding and adventurous career. If someone is motivated enough, there is no limit to what they can do. Making the right contacts and gathering the right experience can make a world of difference. There are also tremendous resources on this site which might provide other invaluable tips on how to get a job.