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    How to Get a Job in Sports

    Getting into the sports field, no pun intended, can be a bit of a challenge if a person has no experience or contacts. There are a few things a person who is trying to get a job in sports can do to make his/her chances of success a little better. Following are some pointers on how to get a job in sports.

    Step 1: Build Contact List

    A person trying to get a job in sports will want to expose themselves to as many sporting events as possible, and try to seek out opportunities in these sporting events that will put him or her in direct contact with as many sport executives as possible. By building a contact list and getting into a network of people who know people, a person will increase the chances of obtaining the job they desire. Many people have reported that they received their job in sports based on a referral by someone who was in their network. It takes time and persistence, but it can pay off.

    Step 2: Volunteer Work

    Many sports execs offer volunteer positions on their team. Volunteers can do everything from helping out on game days, to working in the executive offices on the weekdays. A person, who has shown a good ability to do a job at a volunteer level, is very apt to be considered for hire when a paid position opens up. It is a lot like taking a job at an entry level and then working slowly up the ladder to the top. The only obvious difference is that volunteering does not offer pay. Still, if a job in the sports industry is desired, an individual may be willing to give some time toward obtaining those goals. Whether that time is spent coaching or pushing papers, volunteer work gets a foot in the door.

    Step 3: Create a Resume

    When submitting a resume for any type of job there are a few things a person may want to do. First, a resume should appear professional. If there are grammar mistakes, typos, or poor spelling on the resume, it will almost certainly be a deal breaker. The resume should list all of a personís strengths as well as any scholastic achievements that may be on their track record. The resume should be very clear on the type of position a person is interested in obtaining. If a person wants to get a job in sports, the resume should depict exactly that. It is crucial to list experience in sports participation such as high school, or college football.

    Everyone who works in the sports industry has had to start somewhere. The key to success in any field is perseverance, diligence, and patience. Great jobs do not always fall into our laps but with enough effort, they can be realized. Getting a job in sports is no different, really. Determine what you would like to do and go after it.