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    How to Get a Job in Sales

    There are many ads for sales jobs that ask for a minimum requirement of two years experience. For someone who wants to break into the sales business, but has no experience this can be quite a challenge. It is important to realize that selling is a challenge in itself, so if someone is trying to land a sales job, they may as well start by selling themselves. There are several strategies a person can use to get a job in sales, with little to no experience. Following are just a few of the steps a person may take when trying to move into the field of sales.

    Step 1: Be Persistent

    In the sales business, the first trait a sales manager will be looking for in any sales person is persistence. To be a successful salesperson, one must be able to work past objections and obstacles. By showing persistence when trying to get a job is sales, a person shows that they do not like to take “no” for an answer. This is a very big selling point for an individual. After putting in the first application, if a person is serious about a sales job, they should follow up. If they can sell themselves to the manager, they will surely be able to sell whatever products or services the company has to offer.

    Step 2: Resume

    A resume should be customized to fit exactly the type of job a person is aiming for. For example, if a person is looking to get a job in sales, the resume should be customized accordingly. Perhaps the objective should read, “Seeking a job in new car sales”, if that is the job that is desired. For a person with no experience, it is even more important to tailor the resume to fit the company they are interested in obtaining employment from. If making a resume is difficult, or if someone feels they will not be able to make one that will be efficient, they may choose to use an online resume service, or perhaps use one of the samples from this site.

    Step 3: Highlight Your Assets and Sell Yourself

    If a person has been successful in other areas of their life such as sports, class politics, debate team, or has had any other academic achievements, these should be documented and listed. By showing a prospective employer the past history of persistence and motivation, a person is showing that they have the attitude of a winner and, while they may not have experience in sales, they can surely excel at any task that is entrusted to them. The bottom line is that a history of achievements will leave a trail of success. That is a key point in landing any job.

    Whatever a person wants to accomplish can be done if he/she is determined enough. There is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals if you learn to persevere. And fortunately, that is the number one characteristic of a good sales person. Now that you understand how to get a job in sales, go out and get it!