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    How to Get a Job in Marketing

    Marketing careers are fun and exciting, as anyone who works in the field will attest to. The challenge of an ever changing market, the new techniques available, and the strategy planning are just a few of the things that true ďmarketersĒ enjoy.

    Step 1: Broad Understanding of Marketing

    Basically, marketing is promotion and development. It is the effort that goes into researching what the customer wants and needs, developing the product, deciding on where to market it, and setting prices. These are just a few marketing concepts. Today, successful marketing is a vital business function. Without marketing, and marketing managers and analysts, businesses would fail to thrive, production and sales would go nowhere, and of course there would be no chance of getting a job in the field.

    Step 2: Requirements for a Career in Marketing

    Anyone interested in marketing as a career has to be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Information must be concise and clear, and thoughts and ideas must be organized to be effective. Realizing and solving problems before they become an issue is a key component to becoming a success in marketing. Being able to come up with new ideas and concepts also enables someone to forge ahead in the field.

    Step 3: Studying for a Marketing Career

    A marketing degree from college enables a student to break into the industry, or take an already existing career and take it to the next level. A Bachelorís degree is usually necessary for a marketing position in many larger companies, and an MBA will be needed for any managerial positions. Degrees can be earned at a regular college, or by taking courses online as many good schools are available that can enable someone to take courses from home. This is the one way to prepare for getting a job in marketing.

    Step 4: Marketing Career Options

    Most marketing positions are entry level in the beginning. The more time spent in this position, the more experienced someone will become and that experience can increase the chances are for advancement. Many marketing managers started out at the lowest level of employment and advanced up through the ranks to a higher position. Jobs in this industry appeal to many graduates simply because the prospect is so challenging and varied.

    Step 5: Searching Out Opportunities

    Leave no stone unturned. Search for marketing jobs at every business and company, check job databases online, and network with friends and associates. Publications that are devoted to new marketing strategies have potential job vacancies listed, and volunteering at different organizations can gain more experience and marketing knowledge. Do whatever is necessary to get a foot in the door.

    Donít hesitate to knock on doors, present a resume, and talk about the goals you have for a marketing career. Be enthusiastic, speak knowledgably, express eagerness to learn more, and donít give up. Prospective employers love to see someone with a passion for marketing.