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    How to Get a Job in Canada

    Canada always welcomes new workers who can supply valuable skills and assets. A US citizen has several steps to go through before they are able to enter and work in Canada. Before the immigration process begins, it is a good idea to learn about what will be required.

    Step 1: Search for a Job

    Anyone who has questions about how to get a job in Canada should begin looking for potential job openings well before the immigration process begins. Finding out whether or not there are openings in their field is important to a job seeker. Getting the feel of the Canadian job market beforehand will help someone decide if this move will be in their best interest. It may also work in their best interest if a job offer is made by a Canadian employer beforehand.

    Step 2: The Work Permit

    Before obtaining a work permit for Canada, a job offer has to be made by the Canadian employer. This permit is temporary, and is issued with the stipulation that the employee works only for the employer who offered the job. If the job is terminated, this person will not be allowed to stay in Canada, even if a Canadian Visa has been obtained. Getting a job in Canada depends on whether or not someone has been offered a job to begin with.

    Step 3: Different Job Offers and How They Affect the Stay in Canada

    Temporary job offers are jobs that will be available for working a specified amount of time. This may be for 6 months, one year, or longer. The temporary work permit is needed to begin the job. Permanent jobs are for an amount of time that is not usually specified, and a Canadian Immigration Visa is necessary before beginning the job. It is important to know what type of job, permanent or temporary, is being offered so that the correct permits or visas can be applied for.

    Step 3: Relatively Easy to Get a Job in Canada

    Itís actually not hard to find employment in Canada. There are a lot of job opportunities available. According to statistics, there are over 50,000 unfilled jobs each day. For any US citizen who wishes to get a job in Canada, searching online is the best way to do so. Canadian employers are always looking for skilled workers both within and outside their borders. The possibility is very good for someone from the US to receive an offer of employment, especially if they happen to be a skilled worker in a certain needed field.

    US citizens are also allowed to re-locate to Canada if there are relatives or friends who are willing to offer sponsorship. It may be a good idea to spend some time in Canada as a visitor before deciding to move there permanently. This is an excellent way to observe how things are done, what kind of lifestyle to expect, and to get a general feel for Canadian customs, rules, and regulations.