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    How to Get a Job in Another State

    Whatever the reasons for getting a job in another state, begin the search as soon as possible. Donít wait until the relocation is over with. Itís better to have the job in place before the big move. There are several different ways to locate work in another state.

    Step 1: Get the Resume in Order

    It may be awhile since someone has updated their resume, especially if they have been at the same job for a long period of time. In anticipation of relocating, and getting a job in another state before this occurs, the resume needs to be brought up to date. Donít put down anything that can be checked for authenticity, unless itís true. Moving from state to state doesnít mean things canít be checked. They can, and they probably will by any potential employer.

    Step 2: The Job Search

    In this case, using the internet to job hunt is the best way to get a job in another state. Search job postings by state at one of the many job search engines online. If there is a specific category, or a particular job needed, type this into the search. Read about the needed skills or special qualifications each job requires. Usually, there is a place to inquire, or even apply to certain listings.

    Step 2: Checking the Newspapers

    Again, use the internet to search jobs that are posted in the help wanted section of newspapers from another state. Many of these publications are available right online for viewing. If not, subscriptions are available so the paper can be sent right to the home. Perhaps there is an acquaintance in that state that would be happy to send the paper on, or notify someone about places that are in need of help. Getting a job in another state is not that difficult with a little assistance.

    Step 3: Apply to a Job Listing

    Once a job in another state is located, a letter of application may be sent to the employer expressing a desire to apply for the position. The employer may choose to e-mail or fax the actual application. Once the application is filled out and sent back, the employer may ask for an interview. This is something that can be done by phone, but there is also a good chance the employer may want to interview the candidate in person. Be prepared for the possibility of traveling to the other state for the interview. The potential employer may be willing to cover travel expenses.

    Step 4: The Interview

    Whether the interview is by phone or in person be prepared to answer a series of questions about previous work history and possibly the reasons for the relocation. Be honest. If the reason is financial due to lack of work in the present area, say so. If the loss of the present job was due to downsizing, or if the employee was fired for any reason, this must be revealed also. State the facts simply.

    With proper resources, it is not all that hard to get a job in another state. Research each opportunity before applying. Inquire about qualifications and any special skills that may be needed. Do all this before the move so that everything is set once the relocation is accomplished.