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    How to Get a Job in Advertising

    Many people aspire to a career in advertising. This particular career choice can be challenging, exciting, and rewarding all at the same time. Getting started can be tough at first, but it is not impossible to get a job in advertising if someone is persistent.

    Step 1: Starting Out in the Business

    Be prepared to take any entry level position. It’s the only way to get started, and it is a great opportunity to learn the business from the ground up. Be ambitious, and don’t be afraid to take on the jobs that nobody else wants to do., even if it isn’t in the job description. Soak up all the information that is available. Be willing to do whatever task is needed, however menial it may be. This may well be the first stepping stone to a getting a job in advertising.

    Step 2: Freelancing

    This is a good way to for someone to get started, especially if graphic design or writing copy is of interest. Someone who is freelancing has to advertise themselves and the skills they have.Set rates for the services provided, and visit various businesses and agencies in an attempt to sell these services. Have a specific campaign to showcase these skills, and offer samples of work already done. Many people use freelancing as a means of getting a job in advertising.

    Step 3: Consider Interning at an Ad Agency

    Interning is one of the best ways to learn about a business and how it operates on a day to day basis. It offers the opportunity to work, and learn about all the various aspects of the advertising field. Interns are considered “potential employees” by the ad agency, and treated as such. When campaigning for a position at an ad agency, people should let them know that interning at the business is something they would be very willing to do. This is just another way to eventually get a job in advertising.

    Step 4: Get Some Extra Schooling

    Getting more education does not mean that someone has to attend school in person. The Internet offers ways to further the education right from home. Locate an advertising school that offers online courses, and sign up. These virtual schools have curriculum similar to regular colleges and universities. In some cases, the courses offered are exactly the same. Many students who register earn a degree over time, studying at their own pace. His is a good way to get an education while working around the current job, and may lead to getting a job in advertising when completed.

    Step 5: Be Passionate about the Career in Advertising

    People who work in the advertising field are enthusiastic about their chosen job. Commitment to getting the job done before deadline, striving for the absolute best results, and attaining them is what makes an average employee into a great one. Employers will be impressed at the dedication and passion. This is passion for and about advertising work.

    Anyone who strives for a career in advertising should take full advantage of every learning opportunity that presents itself. Nothing should be considered insignificant while learning the job. Getting a job in advertising is the ultimate goal, and nothing should be overlooked.