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    How to Get a Job at the UN

    A person who knows a lot about world affairs, politics and law may be an excellent candidate for a position at the UN. There are many job opportunities at the United Nations. There are specialist categories that require a number of college years, and there are general categories such as secretarial or administrative work.

    Step 1: Finding Opportunities

    The UN has a website dedicated to job opportunities available, and how to go about applying for any one of them. Someone who has specific qualifications may go there and check on what positions are vacant and whether or not they have the necessary requirements. The jobs are updated regularly, so new openings are posted each time they become available. Check back often.

    Step 2 Planning a Course of Action

    Someone who has a goal of getting a job at the UN must plan ahead of time. Knowing which department they would like to work in, and what the requirements are will allow them to obtain the necessary education, degrees and experience. One of the most important qualifications for UN employment is being fluent in language, usually English and French, which are the predominant languages of the UN. Being able to speak other languages fluently is also a plus.

    Step 3: Get the Proper Education

    While someone may be able to get a job at the UN with a high school diploma, this is not always the case. These positions can be found in the General Service categories at the UN website. They usually consist of clerical work, or a secretarial position. Almost all other job categories require at least a Bachelorís degree, and certain specialist positions will need a more advanced degree, depending on the specialty. Knowing in advance what is required can save time when applying to the UN.

    Step 4: The Application Process

    Usually, applications for getting a job at the UN can be filled out and submitted online. Registration at the UN website is required, however. A Personal History Profile will be created here, and will include the resume, education, previous employment history, experience, and basic information about the person. Make sure all details are complete and correct. This profile is what the job recruiter will look at first, so it has to be perfect in every way. Profiles that contain mistakes in spelling or grammar, or have incomplete details will be ignored.

    Step 5: Applying and Waiting to Hear

    Once an online job application has been submitted per instructions, the next step is the hardest, waiting to hear whether or not you will get that coveted interview. Be patient, because it may take a while for all the applications to be screened. Visit the UN website often to check on the status of the application. Keep in mind that only the candidates who will receive an interview will be contacted, and this is usually by e-mail.

    Getting a job at the UN may take some time. Those that meet the required guidelines are selected first from any and all applications. Contact the specific department if it has been a while with no word. Be persistent in the job search, get more education if it is needed, and donít give up.