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    How to Get a Job at a Magazine

    Many writers have dreams of being employed at their favorite magazine. How to get a job at a magazine is another story, altogether. A person must be passionate about writing, persistent and determined enough to handle rejection.

    Step 1: Exploring the Various Magazine Publications

    First, a writer must decide which type of magazine he or she wants to write for. There are publications on every subject imaginable, from fashion to science fiction. It is important to find one that sparks the most interest, and that the writer has some amount of knowledge pertaining to the subject matter. Knowledge when writing in any given field is important, because the facts must be correct, unless writing fiction that is.

    Step 2: Educational Requirements

    In most cases a college education is required. Although most journalism or English literature students study for years, it is not totally unheard of for someone to break into the writing business without a degree. Fiction writers who have a colorful imagination, for example, have often come from nowhere and become famous from the articles they submit to various magazines. So, it all depends on how capable someone is, and how much knowledge they have about the subject matter.

    Step 3: Getting Started in the Writing Business

    A potential writer who wants to know how to get a job at a magazine should be aware of the fact that there are two distinct departments, which are editorial and publishing. The editorial department handles the written submissions and other content. Publishing takes care of all the Ďbusinessí side of things. This includes all advertising, circulation, and the financial matters of the company. Written submissions must be sent to the editorial department of the magazine.

    Step 4: What to do First

    Pick a magazine or two that is of interest. Read the submission guidelines that can be found at the websites of each one. Many times, excellent and well written articles are rejected simply because the guidelines for submission were not followed. Read everything carefully, and if there is anything that is not clearly stated, send an e-mail to ask if this can be explained. Donít expect to hear back immediately after submitting an article. Magazines receive literally hundreds of submissions each day.

    Step 5: Using the Internet for Job Resources

    The Internet is an excellent way to find resources that can help to get a job at a magazine. There are several communities that are dedicated to helping new writers break into the writing profession. There are forums made up of new and experienced writers who are willing to offer suggestions, discuss job possibilities, and give much needed advice. This is a great way to learn about the ups and downs of magazine writing.

    Becoming a writer is not easy, and getting submissions selected for publication takes some time. Keep a positive attitude about rejections, and learn from any mistakes. Keep writing, continue submitting, and donít get discouraged. The first time an article is accepted will make all the effort worth it!