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    How to Get a Job at a Bank

    Requirements and information about how to get a job at a bank will vary slightly from bank to bank. It will depend on whether the bank is a national institution, a smaller facility, or perhaps even a credit union. Most of the available positions are going to require some type of education, although it is not unheard of to be hired right out of high school as a teller.

    Step 1: Know the Requirements

    Banks have several different positions within each facility. Each one will have certain requirements such as experience and the amount of education needed. Bank tellers, for example, often need the least experience, and often a high school diploma will suffice. Other jobs in the bank will often need a great deal of education, and in many cases a college degree may be needed, usually a Bachelorís degree. For anyone who wants to learn how to get a job in a bank, researching the desired position and qualifications needed is an important step.

    Step 2: Learn About the Different Positions

    Knowing ahead of time what position he or she is qualified for will make applying much easier. For example, someone with a college degree in finances wouldnít apply for a position of teller. On the other hand, a recent high school graduate canít expect to be hired as a loan officer. Each bank has certain criteria that must be met, no matter what the position. Itís easy enough to find out about various bank requirements for each job within. A general online search of bank job descriptions will provide the necessary information.

    Step 3: Applying for a Bank Job

    Once someone knows and understands what he or she is qualified for, applying at different banks can begin. Have a well written resume that lists any banking experience, degrees, or other qualifications that may help get the job. The first step would be to visit the bank and ask to fill out an application even if they might not be hiring at the time. Ask if it is possible to leave a resume attached to the application form. Inquire as to how long this information will be kept on file. Employment agencies may also have a listing of open bank positions, and post a resume online at various job sites. Check classified ads in local newsprint.

    Step 4: The All Important Interview

    Banks expect their employees to look professional, and the interview is no exception. A neat, well groomed appearance and a professional, courteous attitude will certainly help someone who wants to know how to get a job in a bank. The person being interviewed should state why he or she wants to work at the bank, and what qualifications and experience they may have. This is also the time to ask questions about the job description and expectations. The bank interviewer will appreciate any honest and forthright inquiries concerning the position.

    Once the interview is over, the waiting begins. Donít be hesitant to call and check about the status of the interview after a reasonable amount of time. Two weeks is sufficient waiting time if no word has been forthcoming.