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    How to Get a Job at NASA

    It is not just scientists, engineers or astronauts who are employed at NASA. There are numerous other employment opportunities available. Each one will depend on qualifications or experience, the degree of education, and whether or not there are any openings in a chosen field. There are many ways for someone to learn how to get a job at NASA.

    Step 1: Decide Which Job to Seek

    The Federal government, and NASA in particular, has numerous jobs available for someone with the right education, skills, or qualifications. Know what positions are available for any particular category, and don’t apply for something that is beyond those qualifications. NASA is known as one of the best places to work in the Federal government, and hundreds of applicants apply each day.

    Step 2: How to Find the Jobs

    All available NASA job can be found on the USA jobs website. Interested candidates should log on to this site and search for jobs that they may be qualified for. Click on ‘agency search’ to be taken to listing of vacancies in different NASA departments. Choose the main entry to find jobs in other categories other than those that may require a specific degree. This is the first step toward getting a job at NASA.

    Step 3: Selecting a Job

    Once a job vacancy has been located in the candidate’s area of expertise, open the category to read a list of requirements. This will include education needed, as well as any degrees that the job requires. The duties of the particular job will be explained in detail, as well as the salary someone may expect to earn. Any employment benefits will also be explained here. All this information will pertain to how to get a job at NASA.

    Step 4: Applying Online

    Establish a USA jobs account. This will include basic information, a password to access the account, and a mailing address. Submit the application information along with resume information. There will be questions pertaining to certain background information, and these must be answered at this time. To get a job at NASA, all information must be correct and submitted for approval.

    Step 5: Referrals

    For someone who is looking at how to get a job at NASA, it really helps if they know someone who already works there. Referrals often pave the way for future employment. Having a friend who is already in the program will make it a little easier to gain employment. Bonus referral programs are set up at NASA, and if someone makes a successful referral, they are able to earn money by doing so. Just another little ‘incentive’ from NASA.

    NASA is not just about science and engineering. Workers perform numerous different and varied jobs. Perhaps someone only wants to work at NASA in a generic capacity. NASA employs maintenance workers, cafeteria employees, janitors and other jobs that don’t require a college education or degree. It’s a great place to work and learn, the employees are happy, and successfully obtaining a NASA job could mean years of employment.