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    How to Get a Job as a Video Game Tester

    Anyone who plays video games would love to know how to get a job as a video game tester. Believe it or not, it is possible to get paid while having fun, although this job does have a few drawbacks.

    Step 1: Getting Started

    Playing video games all day isn’t enough to get a job as a video game tester, although it may help gain experience. For anyone who is serious about video game testing, select a computer science major when planning to attend college. Take all the computer game-related classes that are offered. Obtain a degree in video game design or computer programming.

    Step 2: Researching the Job

    The video gaming degree is just one consideration when someone sets out to learn how to get a job as a video game tester. Research is another. Video game testers are a crucial part of the game development. Many video games have taken years to create and develop from start to finish. This means long hours just to make it through the earliest levels of development working out the glitches. So in the long run, it’s not all fun and games. It’s also hard work.

    Step 3: The Interview

    Have a well written resume listing degrees, qualifications and gaming experience. Be dedicated in the quest for employment as a video game tester. Learn about the company and test all the games they make before the interview. Being able to speak knowledgably and with enthusiasm about the video games will prove that the candidate is serious about a position with the company, and willing to commit to producing high quality work if hired.

    Step 4: Explaining What You Know

    During the interview the potential employee should discuss how often he or she plays video games, which games they are familiar with, and the gaming skill they have attained. Talk about different errors or gaming mistakes that have been noticed when playing. Discuss the importance of the tester in the game development, and what may be done to improve the quality.

    Step 5: Searching for the Job

    While there may be an occasional ad posted in a newspaper or magazine, most of the job openings for anyone who wants to know how to get a job as a video game tester will be found online. Go directly to the website of the company that manufactures the video game and search for “quality assurance” positions. This is where any available game tester openings will be found, because this is the actual job title.

    Learning how to get a job as a video game tester is a matter of persistence and dedication to the search. There are hundreds of gaming company websites that can yield a wealth of information about potential positions and how to go about applying for one. New video games are being developed every day, so the potential for employment as a tester is quite good. Check the websites often as positions tend to come and go very quickly.