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    How to Get a Job as a Bartender

    Bartending is an excellent job for someone who likes a hectic pace, enjoys meeting and greeting people, loves music, and can literally be in several places at once in a busy bar or club. There is also a little more involved than just sliding that beer down the bar like the bartenders do in the movies. Anyone who wants to know how to get a job as a bartender just needs to follow a few simple steps.

    Step 1: Asking Around

    In general, everyone has a favorite bar or club to relax at, and get together with friends. This is the perfect place to start a bartending job hunt. Talk to the bartender at the club. Ask the waitresses if they know of any openings at other bars in the area. Chances are they have friends who are also waitresses in other clubs, and they may know of an opening. The bartender usually knows who is hiring at other bars. Speak to the owner, and express an interest in a bartending job. Get the word out through friends and family.

    Step 2: Observe and Learn

    Go to the club on the busiest of nights and take a seat at the bar. Watch the bartender in action. Take note of how he or she interacts with the crowd. Keep an eye on how the drinks are served. A good bartender never lets things get out of hand, and is friendly and fast with the drink orders. In a crowded bar with everyone wanting to get served at the same time, it is up to the bartender to keep the crowd happy even if they have to wait for their order. Bartenders definitely have to be outgoing, talkative, and full of energy to keep up with the pace of a busy club. Perhaps that is the most important thing to learn if trying to understand how to get a job as a bartender, learn to multitask.

    Step 3: Give Some Thought to Bartending School

    Anyone seriously thinking about how to get a job as a bartender might want to enroll in Bartending School. This is actually one of the best ways to learn the trade. This is the place where someone can learn what the drinks are called, and what goes into each one. Having a good memory will make this a lot easier. There are also books supplied that teach students how to mix and pour drinks. A really good bartending school will have a working bar for hands on training. By the time the course is over, most students are ready for their first bartending job and no longer need to question how to get a job as a bartender.

    Step 4: Looking the Part

    Bartenders tend to dress to suit the atmosphere of the club. A posh, exclusive restaurant/bar may require a more formal mode of dress. A young, hip bar will be more casual with the clothes fitting the age group. Although it wonít be stated in the interview, bars are looking for a certain image in their bartenders. Dress to fit the situation. Donít wear jeans and a tee shirt to tend bar at the country club, and by the same token, donít wear formal wear to a bar that caters to the motorcycle crowd. The key is to fit in.

    Learning how to get a job as a bartender isnít all that difficult if these simple steps are followed. Take the time to watch a few professional bartenders, learn the trade, ask around and a good job is just around the corner. Other articles on this site might provide other insights that would be beneficial in seeking the perfect bartending job.