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    How to Get a Job Interview

    Entering the job market can be stressful and obtaining interviews may seem, to some people, virtually impossible. A person can fill out hundreds of applications, or send hundreds of resumeís and fail to get a single interview. There are some proven strategies on how to get a job interview. Following are some of the things a person can improve on their resume to help increase his or her chance of being interviewed.

    Skills and Accomplishments

    If a company requires the submission of a resume, there are certain things an individual should keep in mind when creating their personal resume. Most companies do not only want to know what skills a person possesses, but also what they have done with those skills. For example, anyone can have knowledge of a computer language such as visual basics, but what they have accomplished using the language will hold more weight than just the knowledge alone. Listed skills should always be accompanied by achievements earned using those skills.

    Proper Grammar and Typos

    Poor grammar, or typos, can be deal breakers when it comes to a prospective employerís first impression of an applicant. When a person creates a personal resume, he or she should make absolutely sure to proof read it several times before submitting it. It may also be prudent to have several different people proof read it as well. Many times, one person may find a mistake that another has missed. If a resume comes across as illiterate, the chances of obtaining a job interview from the person reviewing it are slim. For this reason, it is always a good idea to add the human element to the standard computer grammar and spell check option. Unfortunately, grammar and spell checkers do not always pick up every error.


    A person may have a better chance of being considered for a position by adding a professional photograph to their resume. This minor addition to a resume can be beneficial in putting a face to a name. Many times, when an employer can look at a prospective employee as well as read about their achievements and experience, they will be more apt to call on them for an interview. There seems to be a subconscious advantage to being able to place an applicant by their face. This is especially true if the prospective employer has received thousands of resumes.

    Follow Directions

    The importance of following specific instructions when submitting a resume is without parallel. If an employer requests that an applicant submit his/her resume, along with a sample of their writing or something to that effect, the applicant should be sure to submit everything that is asked of them. If a person cannot follow a simple set of instructions for submitting his/her resume, there is very little chance an employer will have much faith in their ability to follow directions in the field. Make sure that all Tís are crossed and that all Iís are dotted, prior to submitting a resume.

    It is very possible to be called for a job interview. By following some simple resume guidelines, the chances of success are increased significantly. Feel free to browse this site for examples of proper resumes.