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    How To Get a Job as a Flight Attendant

    Flying around the country sounds like the ideal career. And for some people, there is no better way to travel the world. Men and women alike want to know how to get a job as a flight attendant and itís usually just a matter of meeting certain criteria. In recent times, it may be more difficult because of increased security checks, but if an individual can meet the job requirements and pass security screening, all should be well.

    Step 1: Minimum Hiring Requirements

    All airlines require a high school diploma, or equivalent, to get a job as a flight attendant. Although high school graduates are hired, it is better to have a little more education. Even one year of college will increase the chances of being hired. Some flight attendants have Bachelorís, or even Masterís degrees, but of course this isnít necessary to apply for the job. The airlines also like to see an applicant who has had some customer service experience, since he or she will be dealing with many different people.

    Step 2: Age Requirements

    The airlines have a widespread age bracket for the flight attendant candidates. This means that anyone between the ages of 18 to 55 can apply to get a job as a flight attendant. Potential employees that are 18 will often be accepted into a training program, as well as others who are 19 or 20 years old. Most of the airlines like to hire applicants who are at least 21 years old, however. Many candidates are very mature for their age, and should not let the age requirement stop them from applying, or inquiring, as to how to get a job as a flight attendant.

    Step 3: The Personality of the Applicant

    Flight attendants are required to spend a lot of time speaking and interacting with large groups of people. Anyone who is shy and uncomfortable doing this may have difficulty relating to the passengers. An outgoing, friendly personality and a positive attitude are great flight attendant qualifications. The attendant must also be assertive enough to be able to direct passengers should something go awry during the flight, while remaining calm and relaxed so that the passengers remain at ease.

    Step 4: Weight Requirements for Flight Attendants

    Weight should be proportionate to height. Generally, a potential flight attendant should be between 5í3Ē to 6í feet tall. Recent requirements have changed to include that an attendant have a reaching span of approximately 72 to 80 inches. This usually supersedes the height requirement. The weight requirements are a little more relaxed than they were previously. Safety plays an important part, however, in this specific category. The flight attendant must be able to maneuver in very small areas such as the narrow passageways of the airplane, or the tight openings of the window exits in an emergency.

    Flight attendants must have a passport even though they may not be flying internationally. They must be able to pass a background check which can literally examine every detail of the past 10 years of their life. Anyone who has decided to try to get a job as a flight attendant must be aware of this. A complete list of requirements for individual airlines can be found at each website online.