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    How To Get a First Job

    Someone who has never been employed may have no idea how to get a first job. There are countless opportunities and job resources for these beginners. For instance, recent college graduates may have a degree in hand, yet have no idea where to begin the job search. Also, high school grads that are looking for their first job are confused and not sure how to go about locating employment. Following a few basic steps can help alleviate uncertainty when learning how to get a first job.

    Step 1: Research Opportunities

    If there is a particular job in mind, find out as much as possible about the company before applying. Taking the time to do this will impress the employer, and may make getting that first job a bit easier. Check the websites of the companies to find out pertinent information, such as how long they have been in business, and what the long term outlook appears to be. Speak to others who may be employed with this business and ask for a general opinion. Read the company policy, and if all sounds interesting, apply.

    Step 2: A Resume is the Number One Tool

    How the resume is written is going to determine whether the applicant even gets a foot in the door. A good resume needs to be well written and insightful. Take the time to list qualifications, education and any other pertinent information. This does not mean the resume should be book-length, just informative. A cover letter that pertains to the potential job should be included. Do not use a generic cover letter but keep in mind the job being applied for, and speak specifically about that job. This is essential for anyone trying to decide how to get a first job.

    Step 3: Be Professional

    Always dress appropriately when going for an interview, no matter what the position. This will be the best chance to make a first and lasting impression upon the employer. A professional appearance will show that the employee is serious about the interview and the potential job. Be neat, well groomed, courteous, and above all-be on time. Being late for an interview will have the employer thinking that the employee will also be late for work. Not a good first impression! During the interview, answer questions honestly. Never try to fool the employer about job capabilities. Be honest and forthright.

    While there are many ways learn how to get a first job, the Internet can net numerous job opportunities by providing centralized information on where to look for employment, and how to apply. Use online tools that list job availability in all areas. Itís a simple matter to search and browse the job listings. Be persistent, and check back often. Jobs change and become available daily. If possible, request an e-mail update if a job matching specific qualifications becomes available. Donít get discouraged if nothing happens at first. Rejection is part of the process when seeking that first job. Say confident, and donít give up. That dream job may be just around the corner.