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    How To Get A job As A Bank Teller

    Working as a bank teller is a great job if someone is friendly, outgoing, and likes to interact with other people, namely customers. While it is possible to get hired right out of high school, it’s often a good idea to take a few college classes, especially in math. Although not all banks have this requirement, when researching how to get a job as a bank teller, a potential employee will see that having some math in their background will increase the chances of getting hired.

    Step 1: Deciding Why You Want to be a Bank Teller

    Some people mistakenly think that anyone working in a bank makes a lot of money. This is not true, especially in the case of bank tellers. These people have a lot of responsibility, do a variety of tasks within a job, yet they don’t get paid as much as some people may think. Often times, it may be little more than minimum wage to start. A big part of a bank teller’s job is customer service. They have to have a good rapport with the general public, smile a lot, and meet and greet customers all day.

    Step 2: Determining the Right Type of Bank

    Small town banks and credit unions offer a more family oriented feel, as opposed to the larger national banks. The smaller bank allows an employee to recognize customers and remember them each time they come in. In a larger bank, the faces are going to be different each time, and with so many more bank tellers employed there isn’t that “down home feel.” When trying to get a job as a bank teller, check into both options.

    Step 3: How to Find a Bank Teller Position

    No matter how small the town or village, there is going to be more than a few banks to apply to when looking for a position as a bank teller. Begin by visiting each one and dropping off a resume. Ask to speak to the person in charge of hiring, and fill out an application in case a job becomes available. Check online at banks that have websites, and go to the section that lists all career opportunities. There are even some banks that have online applications, as well as a list of certain criteria that must be met by anyone applying for a job.

    Step 4: Bank Qualifications and Criteria

    There are certain criteria that must be met before anyone is hired. First of all, the bank is going to want to do a background check to make sure there is no criminal record. They like a potential employee to have, and maintain, a good credit history. A few basic computer skills are necessary, and anyone wanting to work in a bank must have good references. It will also help if there is customer service experience in the applicant’s previous work history.

    Banks often have a good turnover of employees. Many tellers transfer, or move up in the company, leaving room for new employees. Ask someone who is already working in the bank how to get a job as a bank teller. Submit the application, and wait to be called for an interview.