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    How To Get A Job Promotion

    Tired of working really hard and not being recognized for your efforts? Nothing is more frustrating than putting forth your best work at your job without receiving any recognition for it. A lot of individuals in the workforce believe that it is not proper or acceptable for them to approach their boss to ask for a job promotion; however, in some situations this can be the only way to achieve the recognition for the work that they are putting forward. There are also a lot of other tactics that can help an individual receive a job promotion.

    Step 1: Find a Job You Can Grow In

    Some companies promise endless opportunities for growth when they hire new individuals to fill entry level positions. The only way to tell for certain is to conduct your own research. A lot of independent companies compare large corporations’ internal promotion rates against the amount of people they bring in from outside of the company to fill positions, and then publicize the results. If being promoted into higher positions is important for your career make sure you are working for a company that values internal promotions.

    Step 2: Communicate

    Talking with other workers on your level, your immediate superiors, and individuals in higher positions willing to offer suggestions is a great way to figure out how the promotion process in your particular company works. You can discover if promotions are more merit based or politically motivated. This will give you a good idea of how to develop a strategy for your own promotion plan. Asking about promotions can also make other individuals aware that you are interested in moving up in the company.

    Step 3: Finding Mentors

    In step 2, talking with individuals in higher positions was mentioned. On a more formal basis, when an individual in an upper-level position associates with younger employees it is known as mentoring. These kinds of formal relationships have been proven to be beneficial to younger, entry-level employees. The older, upper-level workers know how the company operates and can help to educate the younger employee, as well as work behind the scenes to help put in a good word during the promotion process. Employees can either find mentors on their own or use a company’s mentoring program.

    Step 4: Do Your Best

    Without performing in a way that meets or exceeds expectations, you should not expect to gain a promotion for your work. A lot of companies depend on performance reviews to help managers decide which employees should be considered for promotion. Your performance review should show that you have mastered the work that you are currently responsible for and that you are ready to take on more responsibility. It can even be a good idea to go out of your way to show your superiors how dedicated you are to your work by staying late, coming in early, volunteering for additional projects, and other things of this nature.

    Once you have the performance to back up your bid for a promotion, the only thing left to do is to get noticed. Make sure your superior knows that you are available and interested in any promotions that come up. A lot of companies allow their employees to apply for promotions. If your employer does this then make sure that you are applying for every promotion you can.