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    How Not to Get a Job

    While most job seekers are sincerely looking for work, there are some common errors that are made, and the surest way how not to get a job. When looking for employment, please avoid the following common blunders.

    Mistake 1: Arriving Late and/or Unprepared for an Interview

    One of the most serious mistakes and the most usual path down the road of how not to get a job is arriving at an interview late and/or unprepared. Most employers focus on time management and cost efficiency. Showing up late and unprepared for an interview just broke both of those cardinal rules.

    Mistake 2: Falsifying Information on a Resume or Application

    Another common mistake in judgment is to falsify information to inflate qualifications. Many job applicants feel that if they can ‘appear’ more qualified than they really are, their chances of getting a job will increase. Unfortunately for them, there is this invention called the telephone and those references and qualifications are easily verifiable.

    Mistake 3: ‘Bad Mouthing’ Former Employers

    While no one expects job applicants to have a perfectly unblemished work history, it is totally unnecessary to blame loss of previous employment on a former employer by making negative comments. Keep those thoughts to yourself and simply say something to the effect of “There was a conflict of interests.” Or “The drive was too long from my home.” Remember what your mother told you growing up, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    Mistake 4: Dressing Inappropriately

    Another sure way how not to get a job is to dress inappropriately for the interview. A general rule of thumb is to dress business casual for a job interview. However, there may be times when that rule needs to be bent a bit. If an applicant is applying for a prestigious job on Wall Street, a suit and tie might be in order. Times have changed but dress codes are still fairly standard.

    Mistake 5: Appearing ‘Cocky’

    It is always best to be self-assured and knowledgeable, but there is often a fine line between self-assurance and cockiness. The surest way how not to get a job is to try to come across as more intelligent or knowledgeable than the interviewer. That puts the other person in defensive mode and his/her line of attack is usually the paper shredder, application, resume and all. Keep your words to a minimum, and again, listen to mom. Only speak when spoken to.

    In the end, avoiding common mistakes might not land you that job, but making those mistakes is the surest way how not to get a job. Arrive on time and well prepared. Dress appropriately and be upbeat and positive even about that dreadful ex-employer who fired you. It doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong. Negative comments will always reflect badly on you. Keep these common errors in mind and avoid them at all costs. Other resources on this site can help you with constructive advice on how to successfully get a job.