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    In today's market, it is becoming more and more competitive to vie for the jobs that are available. As a result, the most prepared applicant (not necessarily most qualified) will often be successful. Luckily, it is possible to learn some common tips to follow as well as pitfalls to avoid when trying to land the ideal job. These tips will often be the same whether you are looking for full time employment in a professional field or as a part time holiday employee.

    Step 1: Take Stock of Your Qualifications

    The first step in getting a job is to know who you are, and just what it is that you have to offer. Take some time for introspection. Even if you know what field you are qualified to work in, what makes you more desirable than others for the job you are seeking? If you are simply looking for a job, any job, to make ends meet or to subsidize current income, try to figure out exactly what is it that you are good at. Knowing who you are and what you have to offer will give you the competitive edge since a job seeker with self confidence is always viewed favorably.

    Step 2: Where to Look for Job Openings

    Once you have determined what your qualifications are and what types of jobs you are qualified to do, it is time to actually begin searching. Explore every avenue available to you. Don�t limit yourself to the employment listings in your local newspaper�s help wanted section. Check out local employment agencies and your state�s department of labor. Embark on a full scale networking campaign with others in the field you are looking to find work in. Learn how to search online jobsites and even where to find the best job search engines. This is the age of the information superhighway and the internet can be your number one ally in seeking out the perfect job.

    Step 3: Learn How to Apply for a Job

    Applying for a job is so much more than simply filling out an application and waiting for a callback. It begins with lining up your credentials and formatting a resume. Even job applicants looking for part time work in a seasonal capacity can benefit from being prepared when submitting an application. Knowing how to highlight your qualifications is crucial to a successful job search. From the letter of introduction attached to your resume to filling out the job application it is important that you know how to proceed. Learn techniques to help you interview well and common pitfalls to avoid. And finally, understand that the job search doesn�t end with the interview. There are further steps you can take.

    Once you fully understand how to get a job, the actual search will not be very traumatic. Many people spin their wheels in a futile attempt because they did not take the time to plot out a map. Successful job applicants will know who they are and just what it is they have to offer. They will know how to put �the best foot forward� and arm themselves to battle the competition. Looking for a job begins prior to the actual search and ends after the interview. Tools and tips for landing the ideal job are provided on this site to help honest job seekers gain the competitive edge.